July 25, 2019

Survivors of Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Seek Justice and Fight Back Against the BSA

More horror stories of alleged Boy Scouts of America sexual abuse come into the light as abuse survivors come forward to share their testimonies and seek justice and healing. On Jul 25, Today Show aired an in-depth interview with two former Boy Scouts who are calling out the Boy Scouts of America for not adequately protecting them as children from Scouting leaders sexually abusing them.

“The organization should burn to the ground, and out of the ashes maybe an organization will come out that will protect our children,” states James Kretchmer, one of the two former Boy Scouts claiming sexual abuse at the hands of his troop leader.

Kretchmer’s alleged abuse occurred in his early teenage years and lasted for months, the devastation of his abuse sending him into a spiral of depression and thoughts of suicide. Ed Pittson, who claims to have been sexually abused by his Scouting leader as a child, calls for not only his abuser to be held accountable, but for the entire entity of the Boy Scouts of America to be held accountable as well. Scouting abuse survivors across the US like Kretchmer and Pittson echo similar sentiments as thousands of victims file personal injury claims against the Boy Scouts of America, claiming the infamous organization neglected to protect innocent children from sexual abusers.

Renowned sexual abuse attorney Tim Kosnoff came out of retirement to fight on behalf of thousands of Scouting abuse survivors like Kretchmer and Pittson when he heard the BSA was considering filing for bankruptcy. The BSA filing for bankruptcy would significantly shorten the time Scouting sexual abuse survivors have to pursue justice against the organization and their abusers. Kosnoff’s firm is one of the three other law firms representing sexual abuse victims across the US through abusedinscouting.com, which encourages Scouting abuse survivors to speak out against their abusers and seek justice and healing.

“We have a client that is 14 years old. We have a client who is 97 years old,” Kosnoff states in the interview, revealing not only the long-lasting trauma of sexual abused, but that claims assert sexual abuse is still happening within the Boy Scouts of America.

To view the entire interview on the Today Show, follow the link below:


Abused in Scouting wants to support you and loved ones who have been sexually abused at the hands of Boy Scouts of America leaders and volunteers. Like Jim and Ed, we want to give you the necessary support and legal expertise to help you pursue action against your abusers so you can finally reach justice and healing. Contact us today for your free, no obligation case evaluation to see if you may be entitled to legal compensation through filing a personal injury lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America. Time may be limited, so contact us now.


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