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A Movement Of Survivors

"Allowing thousands to come into the light and out of the darkness of abuse."
We started with a few voices. Now we've grown into a movement fighting for justice. We're a group of over 8,000 Scouting abuse survivors united to call out the Boy Scouts of America for their negligence. We want to kill the secret of BSA sexual abuse and let survivors know they are not alone. Come forward, hold the BSA accountable, and protect the children of tomorrow.


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Abused in Scouting's team has been nationally recognized for their dedication to Scouting survivors across the US.
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This Is Not Your Fault

If you were abused by a leader of the Boy Scouts, you are an innocent victim.
These men preyed on victims, and most sexual abusers may have abused as many as 100 children over their lifetimes. It’s time to send the Boy Scouts a message, and the way to do that is by contacting the lawyers at Abused in Scouting today. 

We will fight for your rights and make sure that the Boy Scouts and other organizations know that this behavior will not be tolerated ever again. You deserve to tell your story and you have earned the right to significant compensation. 

We cannot rewind the clock, but we can make the organization responsible to pay in the only way available in the legal system: money damages for the victims.

Top-Notch Attorneys

We are lawyers fighting on behalf of the victims of sexual abuse. The Boy Scouts of America knew sexual abuse was happening in their organization and allowed this abuse to continue. You do not have to suffer in silence any longer. Contact us right now to learn how we have helped other victims fight for justice against the Boy Scouts, the very organization that also put you in harms way.

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Attorney Tim Kosnoff - Abused in Scouting
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