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Michael J. Nussbaum (Lipari)

Who we are:

We are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. We are teachers, first responders and doctors. We are black, white, man, woman, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim, and a hundred other variations and combinations. What is most important—regardless of race, creed, color or gender—[is] we are victims who became victors. What has happened to us did not define us or who we became. We did not walk away and forget. We forgave. We are survivors who lifted our heads up and said this will not happen again. We will fight this fight till the wrong is made right. We will not sleep till justice is done. Being a victim does not mean we gave up our rights. We are stronger than you think; our quietness must not be mistaken for weakness. We may be still, but we will not be silenced.

Survivors of Abuse in Scouting.

Michael J. Nussbaum (Lipari), AIS Client


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