July 26, 2019

General Nominated to be Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Accused of Sexual Assault

Army Col. Kathryn A. Spletstoser claims Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, commander of the United States Strategic Command, sexually abused her multiple times in 2017. The New York Times reports Gen. Hypten, who was recently nominated by President Trump for the position of vice chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, allegedly assaulted Col. Spletstoser during the Reagan National Defense Forum in California, forcing her into a kiss and ejaculating on her.

“I realized I have a moral responsibility to come forward. I could not live with myself if this happens to someone else and I didn’t do anything to stop it,” Col. Spletstoser said when she learned of Gen. Hyten’s nomination for the second highest military position in the United States.

Gen. Hyten denies the allegations and testified alongside Col. Spletstoer earlier this week before members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. This committee is in the process of considering Gen. Hyten’s recent nomination. Sexual assault allegations have long been a struggle within the military, but officials seem to have not found a solution for how to properly address and resolve complaints that arise within the ranks.

To read Col. Spletstoser’s full account in the New York Times, follow the link below:

The New York Times

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