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Trying to come up with the right words is difficult.
I guess I would just like to say that because of the AIS team I have been able to talk about what happened to me those so many years ago. That summer was the turning point in my life and I'm sure that things would have been a lot different for me if it wasn't for Scout camp. I had dreams of maybe being a forest ranger or conservation officer. Maybe a policeman like my grandfather.

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To those men and boys who were boy scouts, with dreams of adventures and learning outdoor skills, not only in the forest, but in our communities where we live, and who felt pride in the uniform, trying to earn as many patches and merit badges as your knowledge grew. Learning the meaning of our flags that whip around in the wind over our heads, […]

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Anonymous Client

Since the inception of the BSA over a century ago, Prominent Americans in diverse walks of life, from filmmaker Steven Spielberg to adventurer Steve Fossett to politicians, were BSA members as youths. Over two-thirds of all astronauts have had some type of involvement in Scouting, and eleven of the twelve men to walk on the Moon were Scouts, including Neil Armstrong and Charlie Duke [...]

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Stephen R. Rutledge

I am writing you on the subject of the pedophile scandals that are being confronted by the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts of America. It is in the pursuit of accountability, recovery and prevention of the victims that this is being written. The story I want to share goes to the pervasiveness of the problem within powerful institutions that allow pedophiles to sexually abuse children by [...]

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